Coconut Cherry Bomb is back!

For the Holidays!

In addition to our Cookie of the Season, we have brought back our delicious Coconut Cherry Bomb for you to enjoy throughout the holidays!

They are available to order online or you can search for them where you normally find our cookies!

Can’t find them? Call us! We will do the searching for you!



Keeping Cool with Cookies!

It’s Summertime and it’s hot! I decided to make a cookie ice cream sandwich with our Colossal Chocolate Chip cookie! I went to the store to buy some vegan ice cream and picked up some Halo Top Chocolate Covered Banana! I was thinking of trying a peanut butter ice cream flavor, but I had to try the banana since I had never bought that one before. It was pretty delicious!

Of course you can use any ice cream you wish! We have 12 different flavors and our original line of cookies, and there’s so many flavors of ice cream. The combinations are almost limitless!

You can even cut the cookie in half again to get a smaller size and share it with someone! 🙂 But cut it before you put the ice cream in! I learned that the hard way! 🙂


WIN a Gift Basket

gift basketWIN a Gift Basket… filled with a t-shirt, cookies, and goodies. We are giving away 50 gift baskets to 50 people who give us the best leads for local stores, cafĂ©s, kiosks, or other venues that would like to carry our cookies. You know our cookies and you know where they will sell best. You will need to provide us with a legitimate contact person, contact person’s phone number, store name, and store address. Please email this information by May 31, 2016 to If we open your lead we will enter you into our gift basket giveaway. Winners must be over 18 years old, U.S. resident, and not an employee of Alternative Baking Company. Winners are determined at the sole discretion of Alternative Baking Company.


Our Palm Oil

We at Alternative Baking Company, Inc.® are proud to announce that starting  August 26, 2013, all our cookies are now being made with new palm oil. We have paired up with a company that supplies us with palm oil that is:

  • RSPO Certified/sustainable,
  • certified organic,
  • Fair Trade,
  • GMO-free, and
  • Kosher.

We have listened to our consumers’ concerns regarding our use of palm oil and are now striving to do our part in preserving the rainforests and nurturing the natural habitat of orangutans and other creatures; in preventing pollution, deforestation, and reduced biodiversity brought on by the destruction of plantations; and in respecting the land belonging to indigenous people.

This shift ensures that our company continues to provide gourmet-quality vegan cookies while also taking care of our environment. We hope you will continue to enjoy our cookies.