Gluten-free cookies are now available online!

The long wait is finally over. We are proud to announce that our gluten-free line is now available for online purchase!

There is still a 3-pack/15-cookie minimum at a total of $40.50. Shipping is still free.

We ship our gluten-free cookies separate from the original line, and we do this because we do not want allergens co-mingling. This also means that we cannot mix totals for both lines. If you order from both lines, you will have to meet the 3-pack minimum for the original and the 3-pack minimum for gluten-free.

The gluten-free cookies have their own shopping cart HERE.

We have five flavors: Chocolate Explosion, Cinnamon Burst, Fudge Indulgence, Lemon Dream, and Pumpkin Delight.